Membership Mission: 
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To recruit, retain and mentor a stable membership base including all generations of veterans. To cultivate a membership that is well versed in institutional knowledge and actively involved at all levels of the organization and in the local community. To establish Posts with an established vision of service, leadership, and community outreach.
Membership Goals
1. Build a strong organization through recruiting new members while retaining our current membership, creating a solid baseline for the future.
2. Work together to achieve VFW’s goals. The VFW National Headquarters staff is available to assist in coordinating programs, developing membership initiatives, and building awareness among our membership and the entire veteran community.
Membership Objectives
• Achieve 102% in Membership • For everyone to recruit at least one new member and then mentor that member. • Increase membership drives and/or events. • Develop new Posts and/or revitalize existing Posts. • Increase Life Membership and Legacy Life Membership.