System Status - Up and Running (Might have minor glitches, reports are being submitted)

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Easy "How To" Reference

  1. I'm getting a server error. What is going on? - If you are getting an error, it is because someone is working to make our reporting process better and the system will be up shortly.
  2. My email is not automatically populating on the report form, can this be fixed? - It sure can, just email with your email address and it will get added.
  3. I tried to log in the members only section and the site says no user found. How do I get this fixed? - Please email with your member number and name to get you added.
  4. This system is making it so much easier, what is coming next? - We are working on district reporting and business reporting (audit, bond, attendance, etc...) and then finally a tracker for All-State.  Be on the lookout prior to the end of July for further information.
  5. Is the tracking dashboard up and running? - YES! Please follow this link to see the dashboard.  As this is a new tool, we will be making upgrades to it from time to time, but it is currently functional!
  6. How can I tell if my report has been submitted successfully?  - A green box will show up after hitting submit, which says "Report has been submitted." as shown below:
If this does not show up as shown above, please try again later; because, the report has not been received.

For 2019-20 there will be three (3) Program reporting periods.  For the first Period, 1 May to 31 August 2019, we are transitioning to the new system.  During this period we will "turn off” the current on-line reporting tool, continue to accept "paper or E-mail” Program reports along with using the new tool.  This will give us time to utilize Department and District Councils of Administration to enhance rollout and training and surface any glitches of the new system.  Effective 1 Sep 2019 Program Reporting can only be done "on-line.”

I know for some this will be perceived as "about time,” and for others "challenging.”  That being said the time to transition is NOW!  Department leadership is working to provide assistance and to keep this as a consistent reporting process from year-to-year!